Our Top 10 Fun Facts -  Did You Know?

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite fun facts of the seventies and artists from the ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise 2021 roster. How well do you remember the era that brought us this feel-good music? Join our community and add any fun facts to our Facebook page. Tag friends, favorite locales you’d visit that have a special place in your heart or even seventies concerts you’ve seen. We welcome any tidbits, pictures and your favorite memories of the seventies.

  1. Did you know that Time Magazine’s Man Of The Year in 1975 was – American Women?


  1. Roger Daltrey’s top selling hit to date “Giving It All Away” was released in 1973 and written by one of our previous artists, a then-unknown, Leo Sayer.


  1. Did you know that in 1972, 2 guys from upstate New York decided to launch a TV network which you had to pay for, and HBO was officially born.


  1. “Why Can’t We Be Friends” by WAR, was played in outer space when NASA beamed it to the linking of Soviet cosmonauts and U.S. astronauts for the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project in 1975.


  1. In 1975 Pet Rocks were all the craze, they originated from Rosarito Beach, Baja Mexico


  1. In 1965 Allan and the Silvertones released “Shakin All Over in America” and it went to number 22. The record label just put Guess Who as the artist and the name of the band stuck with them.


  1. In 1973, 90 million people tuned-in to watch Billie Jean King take on Bobby Riggs in the Houston Astrodome for one of the biggest sporting events. They called it “The Battle of the Sexes”.


  1. One of our ‘70s Rock & Romance artists, B.J. Thomas, has been married to his wife, Gloria Richardson since 1968.


  1. Did you know that in 1975 Burt Reynolds was offered the role of Hans Solo first and he turned it down?


  1. 10cc’s hit “I’m Not In Love” has appeared in many movies, including The Virgin SuicidesBridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Indecent Proposal, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, He's Just Not That Into You, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Trivia is courtesy of Steve Walsh of Hitmaker Trivia who also entertains us onboard with his Trivia sessions.