A Little Rock & a Little Romance For The Holidays

Ah, the ‘70s…that moment in time when love songs filled the airwaves and slow dancing ruled the dancefloors. Romance bloomed everywhere and what better time of year to show off our romantic side than the holidays? Join us as we take a walk down a starlit memory lane and see if you remember these perfect holiday gifts.

You can never go wrong with a bottle of Martini and Rossi (on the rocks, of course). Complement it with the classic ‘70s hors d'oeuvre, Cheez Wiz on a Ritz cracker, or alongside a pot of fondue or a tasty quiche.

Just getting to know someone? A Parker Pen set is the perfect combination of good taste and practicality.

Indulge her with a bottle of Charlie perfume or give him Estee Lauder’s Aramis.

For couples who love to have fun, trade board games like Simon, Life, Clue or Mastermind or a set of his and her roller skates.

How about a digital watch? There’s one for every budget, from the 18K gold Hamilton Pulsar P2 to Texas Instruments’ plastic band.

Does that special someone love fashion? Then surprise her with a Halston pantsuit or a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. For the man in your life, a sky-blue polyester suit or chunky sweater to channel his inner Detective David Starsky. Or perhaps his-and-hers purses; a clutch for the ladies and a shoulder bag for the gentlemen.

For the music fan in your life, there are so many great albums (or 8-tracks) to choose from: Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” “Hotel California” by The Eagles, John Lennon’s “Imagine,” “What’s Going On” from Marvin Gaye…the list is endless.

Are you romancing a bookworm? How about a collection of Stephen King’s works, including “Carrie,” “The Shining” and “Salem’s Lot?” Or maybe “Watership Down” or Jonathan Livingston Seagull?”

Promise to never lose touch with each other when you gift a CB radio.

Are you thinking about proposing under the Christmas tree? Diamonds are so square. Choose a groovy birthstone ring instead. Not quite ready for the big commitment yet? Maybe wrap up a mood ring or puka shell necklace. Already got those? A chunky ID bracelet or puzzle ring looks great on everyone.

And for the ultimate stocking stuffer? The keys to a brand-new Pontiac Firebird, of course.