Test Your ‘70s Rock & Romance Knowledge

How well do you know the artists joining us on the ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise 2018? Test your knowledge with the ten questions below and join our Facebook page where we’ll be posting the answers all next week.

  1. The bands name Styx means what in Greek mythology?
  2. Who are the two founding members of Styx?
  3. Tommy Shaw left Styx to play in what band?
  4. War was whose backup band until 1971?
  5. The original members of War are from what city?
  6. What is the band War lowest charting song?
  7. In what city was The Guess Who formed?
  8. Before they were called The Guess Who what name did they record under?
  9. What was the band Badfinger called originally?
  10. What year did Joey Molland join the band Badfinger?